The Manor House

Since 1473 the estate has been managed by various lines of Arnim. The manor house was built in 1731. In addition to the estate, various craftsmen settled in the course of time. Forge, bakery, butchery, fishing and several small economies were operated.

The manor house itself is a gutproportionierter two-storey building with mansard roof. It was recorded at 1860 in the description of castles and manor houses in Prussia by Alexander Duncker. The middle risalit with the three axes you will be highlighted RCH half a stone length forward. The house edges are made of plaster pilasters. In the spring of 2015, the manor house was sold from the family owned by Arnim, interrupted by expropriation after 1945.

Behind the manor House is a park with a pond in the English style in the succession of Lenné. This cannot be visited.