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The meaning of Groß Fredenwalde is expressed in the fact that the church from the 13th century. It belonged to the few in the Uckermark, which were equipped with a double Pfarrhufenzahl to hold two sacred masses. The beginnings of the present church originate from this period. A pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary was developed, which until the beginning of the 16th century. Century was very popular. The church is mentioned for the first time in 1269 in the Deed of foundation for the Convent of Mary's Gate.

Among other things, the medieval door on the south wall and the walled window on the east gable are witnesses. The gallery was built according to inscription 1583 by Zimmermann Gurgen Gottschalk. The Thirty Years ' War unfortunately brought a lot of hardship and misery into the place. Well, a hundred years later, the House of God was greatly renewed. This happened under the patron saint of Alexander II. Magnus V of the Arnim. On the back wall of the church, its monument-protected tombstone reminds of the many activities. 1708 the altar of today's pulpit was built. Stalls, organ and baroque Taufengel probably come from the same time. In 1725 the sacristy was created and a year later the impressive truss tower, whose completion dates back to the year 1735. It is to be found that with the tower construction the entire west façade was renewed. In addition, new and larger window openings were also created in 1735. All these construction measures led to the fact that not only the patron of the time, but also the church, had a very spent financially.

The inscription on the blackboard on the old sacrificial floor tells:

 "This love of God's house is now in debt
Perceive interest-rate money from
Other. Do your temper
Hand, my reader, and believe free that
Your temper, God gave a
Retaliation. "

Already in 1844, three pillars for the stiffening of the tower were west wall on the wall. The interior of the Hall church with its brick pavement and flat beamed ceiling impresses in its simplicity. In addition to the individual Epitaphplatten, the gallery of 1583, the pulpit altar of 1708, flanked by a Bible sayings, accompanied by Corinthian pilasters and the church stalls from the 18th century were preserved. Century. 1927-34 in Groß Fredenwalde was a pastoral minister. The preachers remained there for only one year to parish their own. The beautiful tall truss tower was preserved until 1960, but was already described as a very dilapidated 1930. 1960 the tower had to be partially rebuilt due to the danger of collapse and received its present, somewhat penetrating form. 1991/92 a provisional fuse took place by the installation of steel girders. The church fell more and more. The log, the sponge and the leaky roof enormously increased the house of God. The church threatened by collapse was nearing the end. Like a miracle, a lot of people were working together to save this wonderful house of God. As in many churches of the Uckermark and Brandenburgs, a Taufengel was an integral part of the Brocken Church facility. Presumably he was created at the same time as altar, stalls and organ at 1708. Most likely, he was originally coloured like many of his colleagues.

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