Field Forest & Meadow School


Sponsor: Association environmental educational station Groß Fredenwalde e.v.

In the year 1714, the then owner of Fredenwalde Alexander Magnus of Arnim had a "children's school" set up with the aim of halting "the overrunning of youth". The site of this school was located in the garden next to the current water pump on the local terrain. Several fires destroyed the school building to the ground.
On this foundation 1899 the Einklassenschule was built in today's form. During the war years there were only occasional lessons.
1944 to 1945 refugees were quartered at school.
With the end of the school year 1970, the school was closed in Groß Fredenwalde.
In November 1993, the Tourism Association region Gerswalde E.V. founded The field forest and Meadow School as an environmental educational station. Since 1997, the institution is a non-profit support society. Under the motto "Explore nature-Experience the environment" the field-forest-and meadow-school offers various programs and excursions, with which life can be explored in water, on dry slopes and in the forest. Particularly noteworthy is the versatile display garden with local wild herbs, fruit meadows, teaching pools, herb-raised beds, insect hotel, wine and Willow Arbour, tasting track, and farmer's garden as well as a clay oven.

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