Groß Fredenwalde & Overview

Groß Fredenwalde lies in the middle of the Uckermark in the picturesque spring area of the Ucker ca. 85 km northeast of Berlin. It is close to the Uckermark Radrundweg, the long Distance bike path Berlin-Usedom and the Märkische Ice Age road.

Already at 7,000 v. Chr. There was a middle Neolithic tomb on the vineyard and presumably also a place of worship. It is considered to be the oldest cemetery in Germany. In 2014, the oldest baby burial was found in Germany.

The foundation of the village dates back to the time of the Slavs (Slav Castle/Folk Castle on the Wallberg) and the high and Late Middle Ages (medieval fortification also on the Wallberg, today no more ground walls visible). The name comes from the middle-German “Vredewalde,” which presumably means “free of forest”. Today, Groß Fredenwalde belongs to the area of the office Gerswalde in the centre of the current district of Uckermark. Today 131 inhabitants live in Groß Fredenwalde.

The Uckermark with its picturesque landscape inspires every visitor.
Gentle Hills and the 400 lakes invite the traveller to linger. Villages and towns are surrounded by forests, meadows, fields and water.

Over 200 manor houses and 160 churches offer a diverse picture of history, present and future.

Three national natural landscapes lie in the Uckermark: The National Park under Oder Valley, the Biosphere reserve Schorheide-Chorin. As well as the Nature Park Uckermark Lakes. The Uckermark offers the best possibilities to relax and unwind and also to be active in nature: on foot, in the water, on horseback, donkey or by bicycle. In the middle of Europe-between Berlin and Szczecin.

The Uckermark is one of the largest districts of the Federal Republic of Germany with 142,000 inhabitants today.


Koordniaten von Groß Fredenwalde: N 53 ° 07,719 E 013 ° 47,827