Culture & Home Club

For more than 20 years, the cultural and home club has been taking care of the cultural activities in the village of Groß Fredenwalde with a lot of enthusiasm and with members exclusively dedicated to volunteers.

Although the majority of the population nowadays is very mobile, it is very important for most Menchen to have the Uckermark "Homeland". The special challenges of everyday life can be overcome by most people, because they can rely fully on the safety and stability of their accustomed habitat and human relations.

Our association wants to preserve the precious and important beauties of our homeland. Of course, there are always changes in the village. Our beautiful medieval village church, the estate ensemble, the Stable Museum, the former Slav Castle on the Wallberg and the important stone-age finds on the vineyard-to name just a few of the peculiarities of our village-should also be for subsequent Generations.

The outstanding mid-stone-age finds in Groß Fredenwalde will be more concerned with the cultural and home society in the future. The oldest cemetery in Germany and the oldest Babygrab in Europe are a major challenge for the Uckermark and for Brandenburg. For the future, it is therefore important to further expand the network of interested people in Stone age and to find partners also beyond Brandenburg.

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Purpose of the association (excerpt from the Statute):

§ 2 "The association serves the preservation and maintenance of the medieval church in Groß-Fredenwalde as well as preservation, care and further development of culture and customs, nature and environment."

It supports all efforts to achieve monument, nature and environmental protection, to research the local history, to the cultural appreciation of the place, as well as to public relations within the meaning of the statutes.

He wants to strengthen the sense of culture and homeland Care as well as the commitment to the general public and the feeling of belonging to all citizens, old-established and drawn-up.

The Association maintains close cooperation with all age groups, especially with the youth, as well as with churches, schools, clubs and with all professions and branches of industry important.

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We cordially ask you for your financial and ideal support in order to be able to move many things in Fredenwalde in the future.

Cultural and Home Association Groß-Fredenwalde e.v.
IBAN: DE36170560603571001957

1. Chairman Mr. GERD Henselin
2nd. Chairman Ms Elke Budzinski