Uckis Mobile Stone Age Workshop!

The insider tip for the elementary schools of the Uckermark. Learning can be so much fun and arouse curiosity. With Uckis Mobile Stone Age workshop, pupils experience firsthand how the ancestors lived. Five themed boxes make the Midstone age finds from large Fredenwalde alive.

Box 1 Uckis Stone Age & The Explorers: Was the Stone Age stone rich? How do I become a researcher? What happens during excavations? Dig and research is fun!

Box 2 Uckis Stone Age, the Fire & the Food plan: fire without a lighter? Mid-Stone Age Menu: What do I collect today? Have there been toothbrushes and Stone Age sprite?

Box 3 Uckis Stone Age & The Culture (Art & Jewellery): Creating caves, making works of art made of clay, crafting pendants made of animal teeth, mussels & snails.

Box 4 Uckis Stone Age & Hunting with weapons: how do the weapons and spears work? What was the strategy? Who was hunted like? Where were mammoth and sabre tooth tigers?

Box 5 Uckis Stone Age & the fashion: with bone and bone needles it is creative to the leather. I finished Tinder bags and close clothes with real stone Age yarn.